Divinely Energized JOTTINGS


They were so intent on catching that critter before it scurried away into the sand. Their common goal provided the backdrop for a heightened sense of sibling cooperation that still finds me letting out a sigh of “Oh, that was so nice!” when the memories kick in.

A collage of photos from that first blended-family vacation hangs on the wall of our dining room.


Most prominent to me is the scene of our three children crab hunting on the Florida beach twenty-something years ago.



I had thought I’d be jotting down the moments that mattered from that week together, and I still will be doing that. What caught my attention today, however, was me in one of the scenes.

That’s what led me to this month’s TUESDAY TIP:


We can begin writing beautifully about the who, what, where and when of a time we’ve determined we want to preserve. In the midst of describing the facts, we might discover that there’s MORE TO THE STORY!

More to be captured than you may think going in, even if not for anyone else’s eyes but your own.

More that your heart wants YOU to acknowledge.

In my case, the way I was sitting drew me in. I noticed for the first time how stiff and “proper” (with knees together and hands folded in my lap) and trying to be a perfect Mom I looked, right there in front of Epcot with our fun-loving kids.


Rather than beating myself up over who I was being back then and going into why I had felt the need, I chuckled (especially over the BIG HAIR) and fast forwarded to today.

Sure, I might briefly reflect on where in my present life I may still be expending energy in people-pleasing. But mostly, this eye-opening moment allowed me to acknowledge how I’ve grown in self acceptance. And to be grateful for God’s gentle nudges along the way.

What will you uncover when your eyes are opened?

You may be provided opportunities to let out more laughter, to pass on some compassion for another, or be motivated toward taking a step into a fulfilling adventure. Who knows? That’s what’s so energizing about this approach to reminiscing!

Welcome whatever comes this month and let me know how that feels…



Capturing the Moments that Matter…Energizing Your Faith…Passing It On!

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