Divinely Energized JOTTINGS


Just a little repair to fill in the gap. They got me in right away, so the anticipation didn’t have time to build. Watching the underwater seascapes on the screen in the dental office was having its desired effect of relaxing my body and calming my normally chattering mind.

It only took a few minutes. As the dentist finished setting the crown material with a curing light, I opened my eyes.  His gloved hands and the glow of the miniature heater brought some memories to mind that involved my Dad.

You see, he was a dentist too. My first trip to the dentist was going to his office after hours where he gave me the most fun, albeit slow, rides up and down in his dental chair. Even though it was considered a power chair, back then that meant he pumped it up with his foot on an air pump and then released his foot to lower it.

He took me to heights no other patient ever reached…all the way to the light over the chair!

The other memories took place around the brick hearth in our dining room. After an afternoon of sledding and snowball tossing with my brother David, that was the place to be to get the feeling back into my fingers and toes.

Once again Dad lifted me up. This time to the warm place my short 5 year old legs couldn’t reach without his help. Then he would lower me to ground level again for the snacks!

Mom supplied the hot chocolate and the marshmallows, but it was Dad who allowed us to actually roast them indoors. I just knew that nobody else’s Dad ever let them have that much fun in their own home!


Wondering why I was so dressed up to eat a messy treat? Turns out that having a raised hearth was a bit of a novelty in 1950-something homes, so the local newspaper stopped by for a few snapshots of my parents entertaining our neighbors. Still chuckling over the turkey’s banana feathers!


I know now why I still love warming by the fire and dreamily gazing into the embers’ glow. Reminds me of home. And I don’t even seem to mind receiving dental care…well, most of the time. Thanks to you, Dad!


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