Divinely Energized JOTTINGS


Some of my favorite Christmas decorations were placed down low on the living room bookshelf in easy reach of our grandchildren. Though I’m not ready to put away all traces of the holiday just yet, I did start moving things around a bit this morning.

Actually, it was just one item that I lifted off the shelf…the wooden Nativity that has been a part of our family’s Christmas celebrations since before I was born.

I was taking a closer look at each character in the scene and reminiscing about how many small children’s fingers have held them and how many times they’ve been glued back into place on the base.

When the timer drew me into the kitchen, I placed the stable on a chair and hurried in to grab my tea and have breakfast. On returning, I was awe-struck by the morning sunbeams glistening through the front door windowpane. They cast a brilliant rainbow-tinted glow onto the manger and the Babe resting inside in the stillness of the moment!











When I placed the Nativity back on the shelf, streams of light were leading from the place where Jesus had laid onto the floor going off into the distance.


As I was thinking how those looked to me like runway lights that are provided to give airplane pilots direction for a safe takeoff and landing, God’s love-whispers popped in as if to say:

“As you head out into the coming days, continue following the Star for your own safe takeoffs and landings. I will guide you.

You’ll be led to more moments of awe, of stillness and of celebration, all created as opportunities to receive My deep abiding love for you.

They may appear in ways that might seem as unexpected as when the King first came as the Christ Child, but you’ll recognize Me.

Loving you today, My child, and into the newness of each tomorrow.”


As this year winds down and the next comes into view, I’d love to support you in noticing when God’s love-whispers break through into the midst of your day. Let’s talk today about getting you started capturing those God-connected Moments and energizing your faith!



Capturing the Moments that Matter…Energizing Your Faith…Passing It On!

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