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He delighted in the swashbuckling and the high jumping flourishes set to music that has become familiar to him at this time of year. The best part of the evening out with Mom and Dad, however, for our 6 year old grandson Oliver may have been the “eats”.

What started as a tradition for daughter Sara and me back in the 80’s has now made its way into the next generation: dressing up in our “fancy duds”, going out to dinner, and then experiencing the magic of the Cincinnati Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker in historic Music Hall.


We continued our special mother-daughter Christmas gift to ourselves until college-aged interests garnered her attention. I was thrilled when the tradition made a comeback!

Last year was Oliver’s first exposure to this exciting evening and he requested a repeat. Branching out from classic Cincinnati Skyline Chili, his tastebuds tried modern Mexican fare at Nada. As always with Oliver, there was a bit of room reserved for something more at the show’s intermission.

2016-12-13-15-41-25     2016-12-13-15-40-33

2016-12-13-18-28-12Even though the event has temporarily moved to the Aronoff Center while Music Hall’s being renovated, the setting was still enchanting for child and parents alike. And I haven’t heard tales of anyone snoring their way through the second half like happened one year when my husband Chris and the two boys tagged along. (chuckle)


Here’s to many more visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads and on stage…through this generation of our family’s children and on to the next! (Check this out if you’ve been wondering for years what those are, anyway.)



I’d love to support you in jotting down the stories behind the Christmas traditions that fill your heart with joy so you can pass them on. Ours include colorful socks and sweaters, yummy baking, and favorite ways to deck the holly.

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Let’s connect soon to get started preserving yours!



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