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Christmas music all day everyday. The local radio station I listen to in the car started playing holiday tunes earlier than I had remembered from last year. Sometimes in the past month I’ve been humming along and other times I’ve tuned out. What caught me by surprise yesterday was where my memory meandered to while hearing one familiar song, Home for the Holidays.

That led me to this month’s TUESDAY TIP for Jotting:


When I heard Perry Como crooning out the lyrics about a man from Tennessee (where I grew up, by the way) heading to Pennsylvania for some homemade pumpkin pie, my first thought was well, that’s not my family. We certainly enjoyed our pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving but at Christmas it was apple pie crumble all the way.

Wait a minute…there was that fruitcake that Dad ordered every year from the neighbor friend of his who belonged to a men’s club that sold them as a fundraiser with proceeds going to local families’ Christmases. Good cause, and Dad liked the taste even if he was alone in that.

Meandering memory to another annual holiday purchase of his: bags and bags of whole pecans. Mom’s recipe for my favorite Christmas treat, pecan balls dusted with powdered sugar, required chopped pecans. One of my earliest memories was sitting on the kitchen floor tapping the red ball into the measuring cup where the blade would safely do its chopping. Remember that kitchen gadget? Even my 2 year old self could contribute to the yumminess that was soon on its way to our bellies!

I arrived at my daughter’s as the radio was playing another Christmas carol and what do you suppose was there on the kitchen counter? A snowflake plate of pecan balls made the night before from her version of the recipe that’s being passed down to another generation.

I’m sure I gave her Mom’s holiday recipes when she was a newlywed, but I bet I’ve never told her the stories that went along with them.

Time for jotting down those stories (and other Christmas moments that matter) and to start sharing them so they won’t be forgotten!


I’d love to support you in following a tune to the stories that are waiting to be captured. It may not have anything to do with the actual song that first catches your attention. That may just be what opens up the flow of your memories.

What fun it is to follow the meandering and see where you find yourself!

Let’s get started…right after we enjoy a few more Christmas goodies. FA LA LA and Merry Christmas!



Capturing the Moments that Matter…Energizing Your Faith…Passing It On!

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