Divinely Energized JOTTINGS


So it begins. Amidst giggling and squirming to break free from my grasp, Lincoln’s diaper was eventually changed. I had forgotten how physically strong and determined a toddler approaching the two year old mark could be.

He just wanted to have fun and thought my attempts to gain hold of his ankles were part of the game. Thankfully, he created a new game as my leaning-over-the-bed muscles were weakening.

He started counting the butterflies on the colorful quilt that had been my daughter’s (his Mom) when she was a baby. I recalled the bright yellow walls of her nursery and the corner rocker that held us during bedtime stories and middle of the night back-to-sleep moments.

“Gramma! Bubbafly!”

I followed his lead and fluttered my wings gracefully. As we flitted through the house together, more and more butterflies appeared.

I was surprised by how many were in my visual space…

On my home office cork board was a photo of 3 year old me with a butterfly net almost twice my height.

I remembered tagging along behind my older brother David as he caught and released some beauties in our backyard. A few that he purchased somewhere were displayed in a glass shadowbox in his room. Thinking back I was fascinated by the variety of colorful wings, but wanted him to open the frame and let them fly free!

Granddaughter Julia’s artwork from several years ago (she’s a teen now-what?!) captured her version of a gorgeous rainbow butterfly fluttering past flowers in my favorite color, blue. I continue to appreciate that birthday present every day where it’s visible hanging on the wall a few inches above the screen of my laptop.

A wooden plaque, my Gratitude Journal cover, cards from friends and relatives. Although I don’t think I’ve ever shared any of this with another, somehow my little collection has found its way onto my desk, the dining table and windowsills. I haven’t requested butterfly gifts, but somehow they’ve found me.

I’m not even sure I realized myself how drawn to butterflies I’ve been through the years. It wasn’t until after Lincoln left for his house yesterday and I revisited each butterfly-related sighting to take photos that it became obvious.

Inspired, I’ve decided to adopt the plaque’s slogan and Let My (Heartfelt) Dreams Take Flight as this new year unfolds! Want to tag along? Grab your net and let’s get started scooping up memories along the way for jotting down and sharing!



Capturing the Moments that Matter…Energizing Your Faith…Passing It On!

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