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One minute he was brewing his morning tea, and the next he was being prepped for surgery. The past three days have been a bit of a whirlwind. Thankfully we’re home and recovery has begun for my husband Chris.

Gratitude isn’t a grand enough word to capture my emotions around having more time to spend together. Time to notice with appreciation the little things that make up OUR way of being who we are when we’re with each other. And time to let others know how much we appreciate their prayers, calls, cards, visits and offers of food.

I must admit something I never thought I’d say. I’m enjoying the sound of his snoring.

It’s reassuring to hear his signature snoring style coming from the next room. Before he dozed off in the recliner, he patted my hand and let me know “I’m just gonna take a little cat nap.” Even in the midst of his post-surgical discomfort, my man’s still wanting to take care of me…by letting me know what’s on the agenda. As best as he can in this life we share that’s often full of surprises.

That’s all I really need at this moment.

On second thought, maybe I’ll try catching a few winks of my own while he’s still sleeping.

Too late. Guess who just shuffled into my office and reached around me for my empty salad bowl as he said “I’ll take care of that for you.” Yep, he’s a keeper!


I’d love to support you in capturing “out of the blue” moments that draw you closer to those you sometimes take for granted. Let’s get started today!



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2 thoughts on “CAT NAP

  1. Connie Schaeffer

    Sorry to read about Chris….I pray his recovery will be quick AND complete. All our best from here in NJ!!

    1. ktenergy Post author

      Thanks so much Connie! He’s doing well, settling in at home for a few more days before trying it out at work with some lifting restrictions. Appreciate your prayers!

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