Divinely Energized JOTTINGS


Recently the front right tire had needed a puncture repair. A few mornings ago, I was walking around my car checking out the air pressure in the rest of the tires. Grateful that all looked good in the rear right tire, I was stopped in my tracks by what was on the driveway as I rounded the back of the car.

It was LOVE.

It can take your breath away or cause you to hyperventilate. That moment when something unexpectedly beautiful happens and you have the privilege of witnessing it or being the recipient of it.

Like a Welcome to the World kiss from one brother to another…

Or an I Love You note creatively designed in the midst of a patio power washing…

Other times it’s a sacred moment that looks rather ordinary. So much so that it could have been missed completely in our hustle and bustling through life.

On that morning, however, I was looking down at just the right moment to see what may not seem like much to you. What appeared to be just some condensation on the pavement touched my heart. Maybe it doesn’t look heart-shaped to you, but that’s how it came across to me at the time.

I received it as God’s Valentine.

After snapping a quick photo and chuckling at how God chooses to connect with me, I drove off feeling loved and energized by knowing that He’s aware of even my low-grade worry over tire pressure and such things. While He had gotten my attention with a red heart-shaped leaf in the midst of a wooded path before, this less colorful love message was just as powerful and memorable.

And a Valentine’s Day gift with fewer calories than a box of chocolates!


I’d love to support you in capturing unique-to-you God-connected Moments to energize your faith and pass on. Let’s get started today!



Capturing the Moments that Matter…Energizing Your Reminiscence…Passing It On!

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