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Pacific coast, true turquoise, or snow shadow blue? I had collected so many strips of paint chips, but couldn’t tell how each shade would actually look on our walls. Deciding which color to paint the bathroom became much easier with the availabilty of small sample cans.

As I remembered sprucing up our Tennessee cabin in the woods, the most time-consuming portion came to mind. Removing wallpaper…layers and layers of it.

It was slow going, but fascinating at the same time. Made us wonder who all the folks were who had come before us, each with their own ways of thinking about home decorating. There were florals, then paint, geometrics, then paint, then florals again with vertical lines providing some space amidst the busyness.

As lots of memories started flowing in about moments spent in the cabin during our nine years there, I recognized this month’s Tuesday Tip:


You may have already jotted down some recollections of a period of your life, and feel hesitant to go into something else from that same time frame. Not to worry.

If I had only captured the tidbit above, I would be leaving out a lot more of the Life in the Cabin story. And those are the moments that actually hold some sort of meaning that energizes me when I recall them.

For example, the part where my daughter Sara and her husband Ben visited for a weekend before we had even started the process. They ended up stripping wallpaper and painting our master bedroom before they left. It would have taken us sooo much longer to get around to doing that. Their youthful exuberance jumpstarted us into a more expansive project than we thought we were capable of, and we loved the end result months later!

Or the part years afterward where our nearest neighbor called to invite us to their place for a bear watching. Big Momma Bear and her three cubs were in their woods, so we needed to drive up close to their back door and scurry in unseen. What we heard and witnessed through the floor to ceiling windows-on-the-woods was breathtaking. Hanging out of their bathroom window to snap photos of the adventurous bear family was not the smartest thing my husband Chris has ever done, but we’re glad to have photos to remind us of the sights and sounds of that day.

Or the part where relatives from both sides of our family came for visits over the years, and left us with fond memories of seasonal walks in the woods, snacking on local ice cream and fudge, slipping and sliding on icy treks up our mountain road, and riproaring board game challenges.

I may have mentioned some of these moments in more than one of my jottings, but from a different angle or perspective. It doesn’t matter, really. Each story’s sharing just reveals a different shade of meaning or emotion felt upon its retelling.

In much the same way that a shade of paint seems a bit different as light reflects off each wall in a room. So, jot away and let the chips (paint or otherwise) fall where they may!

Let’s give it a try this month and let me know how that feels…



Capturing the Moments that Matter…Energizing Your Faith…Passing It On!

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