Divinely Energized JOTTINGS


Splitter splatter raindrops outside my bedroom window caught my attention as the morning woke. Then the birds joined in with their warbling songs.

As I enjoyed the symphony of Spring-almost sounds, it was 3 year old daughter Sara that I heard in my memory. She was pleading with Grandpa Barker, my Dad, to “Climb me up the tree, so I can see in that bird’s nest. Are there blue eggs?” Of course, he obliged and so began a history of shared moments in nature on our visits “four hours down and four hours back” from Cincinnati to Tennessee.

A couple of years later, he acted as her official spotter when she stepped out to courageously climb up a water tower ladder. She had never been fond of high places, but with his encouragement she braved it and has conquered much more in life since.

“Lift me up, Ben.” Many years later, Sara’s request was granted and soon they were contentedly swinging their legs from the gnarly branch of a Little Pigeon River tree close to our home near Gatlinburg.

They’re still enjoying time together in the woods with the boys and providing mutual support throughout life’s challenges.

While looking for photos that captured these memories, I came across another one that showed my sister Betty carrying me on her shoulders. Nine years older, she showed me by her example how to maneuver through life while cheering me on to do things from my own true essence.

As the memories flowed, I realized how much there is to be grateful for today. I’m just gonna take this opportunity to be thankful for the uplifting by my family members that each photo represents, and for the many many others that have already started to come to mind.


It’s never too late to start doing that, no matter how many rainy days have come and gone. Let’s get started today, capturing those moments that have uplifted you!



Capturing the Moments that Matter…Energizing Your Faith…Passing It On!

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