Divinely Energized JOTTINGS


Blender…check. Oranges, banana, almond milk, spinach, berries…check.

What had become an every-other-morning routine was getting a little shaken up today. Instead of the usual blueberries, I was adding blackberries to my green smoothie.

The local mostly fresh food market had blackberries on sale last month and we had stocked up. After eating my fill, I had frozen the rest and stored them in freezer bags saved from previous purchases.

As I lifted the bag to dump the bumpy bits of goodness in, something in the lettering caught my attention.

Private Selection HANDPICKED

It was then that it seemed that God’s voice was breaking through to join me in my kitchen:

“Good Morning, My child!

This day is handpicked for you. I’ve chosen it especially for you. All the bits and pieces of it have your name on them and have been selected to bring you closer to Me.

You can trust that we will grow more deeply connected because of today’s moments.

Whatever comes your way today, receive it all with joy and gladness!”

While slurping the deliciously refreshing smoothie that had resulted, I decided to snap a photo to capture this God-connected Moment. That’s when the Psalm 118:24 teacups that had been on my parents’ windowsill for years before ours zoomed into closer view.

A double reminder that this IS the day that the Lord had made and I have been given the gift of choosing to rejoice and be glad in it! I’m saying YES!

How ‘bout you?


I’d love to support you in jotting down those ordinary moments that become extraordinary when God’s love breaks through into the midst of your day. Let’s chat about getting started capturing your own God-connected Moments today!



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