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Two down and four across. How many crossword puzzles and fill-ins had she completed through the years? When I saw this today, it reminded me of her. Lovie Boyd Barker was born April 5, 1914, but I started celebrating my Mom’s upcoming birthday a day early.

My Mom was an expert at finishing each puzzle book in record time. Sometimes she was well into its pages before Dad had even driven her home from the store with the latest edition. She was also known for being victorious in outlasting any Scrabble opponent who was bold enough to suggest playing a game together.

I discovered her success in both endeavors was primarily due to her voracious appetite for reading. Anytime, anywhere.

When we drove to Williamsburg for a family vacation, she had her nose in a book most of the way. While I was getting saturated with American history, she was learning about other cultures in distant lands. Their foods, tools, environments, family life, transportation came to life for her through fictional and non-fiction reading.  No wonder she knew how to include words from those excursions into her game playing strategies.

She was an early multi-tasker. While supposedly relaxing with my Dad for after dinner TV watching, she outscored Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy contestants night after night even as she kept a book handy to read during the commercials.

While there are so many things I associate with Mom (like her teacup collection and her love of flowers), few memories bring her essence back to my heart faster than those moments we spent together working puzzles or discussing the latest books she had been reading.

Happy Birthday, Mom, from one bookworm to another!


I’d love to support you in capturing your memories as family members’ birthdays draw near. It can be as simple as gathering a few photos and preserving the stories that go along. What a gift to share with others who knew and loved them, too!



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    1. ktenergy Post author

      Thanks, Connie! She would have enjoyed comparing her reading selections with yours, Kindred Heart!

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